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Asia Pacific region has a higher visibility of the professional electronics show, at the same time, Japan, Taiwan and the Hongkong electronics fair sister show, electronic enterprisesin more than ten countries and regions from the United States, Germany, South Korea, Japan,China and China's Hongkong, Taiwan area the exhibition. The South Korean electronics show ad hoc IT and related digital products, consumer electronics and electronic components of the three theme pavilions, exhibition of more than 50000 square meters, about one hundred thousand invitedthe audience to visit the exhibition industry. KES has become the only way which must be passedChina enterprises to enter the South Korean electronics market. In 2013 with IT.Be in ITExhibition" as the theme of the success of the exhibition attracted , S also strengthened thereception system. KES from South Korea electronic information and communication industry, South Korea semiconductor industry association, Korea display industry association, information and Communication Industry Promotion Center hosted the show for the first time opened in 1969, has been successfully held 44 sessions, with electronic enterprises in Japan, the United States and Germany, more than 20 countries and regions participating, fully demonstrated the representativeSouth Korea's size and position, get the special attention to the Chinese electronics manufacturersin recent years. According to statistics, 2013 South Korean electronics industry exhibition attracteda total of 760 successful enterprises including 181 overseas companies, 56000 to visit customers,in a total of 1800 millions of dollars scale export fair scale, the contract size will reach successfully obtained fruitful results.